Footprints in the Sand

By the time you read this I will hopefully have returned from my vacation with my family. I cherish the time I get to spend with them, I do, however, miss White Oak when Iím away.

Iím sitting in the house I have rented for the week. My view is the Atlantic Ocean, which is one of my favorite views. I love the breeze and to hear the crashing waves.

As I look at the waves, I think about a conversation I had with our mission and outreach pastor, Tony, and the idea of Godís missionóour purpose and place in it.

I know thatís a heavy topic, besides Iím on vacation, who wants to think that hard? But I see all around me men striving to find meaning and purpose within themselves.

The house Iím currently renting is on the market if youíre interested, 1.1 million dollars and it can be yours. Right on the ocean and within walking distance of the most amazing donuts ever, Duck Donuts.

Is that our purpose? To buy and invest and gather up for ourselves? Donít get me wrong, the temptation is strong, I catch myself dreaming of an oceanfront condo, but is that my purpose?

As Marsha and I walked the beach yesterday, I noticed the footprints in the sand. Some were fresh, others were partially washed away, and others were gone completely. I reflected on that. Our lives are like the footprints. We live, we make an impression, we work, we raise a family, we strive, we retire, and like the footprints, we are gone.

Iím not writing this to depress you, Iím asking is there something more? What happens when we discover all the things we value, all the things we say and believe is the meaning of our existence, are but empty shells, a foundation of shifting sand?

I think we settle for so much less. We chase so many things only to be exhausted and frustrated by the search. The difference between people of faith and those without should seem like an ocean apart, but Iím afraid itís hard to see the difference. We live as if this world is all that we will ever have. We say we believe in Heaven but work so hard to make our heaven here.

Can we enjoy our lives here? Of course, God made so much beauty around us, to enjoy and to marvel at His power and creativity, but the created things were not to be worshipped, idolized or lusted after. Building our kingdoms here will wear us out, and they will fall.

Only Godís kingdom will last, so enjoy each day God gives you. See His hand even in the smallest of things. Be passionate about the things God is passionate about. See whatís really important. Love Jesus more than you love what He created.

I leave you with a wise saying from Solomon, in his treatise on life found in Ecclesiastes;

Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the whole duty of man. - Ecclesiastes 12:13

- Pastor Tom