Ron's Ramblings

Just what have you been doing this summer?

Thanks for asking!

Maybe you didn't ask, but here are some of the things we have been involved in. Attended the graduation of our great niece, Daley from Casey Westfield High on May 20. Just as soon as that graduation was over we motored to the Springfield area to attend the open house for our great nephew, Blake, having graduated from New Berlin High that afternoon. Then the following Friday niece Hannah graduated from Villa Grove High.

Daley plans on attending Olivet Nazarene at Bourbonnais; Blake will be attending Southern University at Edwardsville where his brother Garrett attends, as well as, cousin Abby Forlines is transferring in this fall. Hannah will be attending Eastern.

We got to meet for the first time our seven-month great nephew, Mac, from Spring Lake, Michigan. He is the son of Aaron & Megan. A great-great nephew arrived when Ryker Matthew was born June 16, the son of Matt and Ally. Drew and Lizzie are expecting their son in August.

At last count that makes us 41 greats, 30 great-greats and one great-great-great. We praise God for healthy children. How would you like to keep up with that group in sending birthday cards? Let me clue you in, it isn't easy. When God said to go forth and multiply, I think our families took Him very seriously.

We also attended the wedding of our great niece Kayla Kusterman and Mitch Simmons June 16.

We're now working on plans for my siblings and their families to get together August 26.

Boring? It's not boring when our large families get together. So you will never ask again, "What did you do this summer." Oh, I forgot that you didn't ask in the first place.

God's Blessings to you and yours.

- Ron Hudson