Our Purpose


Jesus is the reason we do what we do. He is at the center of all we believe, teach and preach. He is the focus of every program and event. His life, love, sacrifice, resurrection, and coming return are core beliefs at Casey White Oak. We rejoice in the Savior and want to share that joy with you.


At Casey White Oak we are connected to one another. We are building relationships both inside and out of the church. Relationships of acceptance that encourage, strengthen, and help us in good times and bad.


We are a part of the community, and we want to serve our community by meeting needs and sharing God's love.


Every person is unique with their own special abilities and gifts. We try to be creative in the ways we use our gifts and abilities in our service to one another and our community.

C-4 is a powerful explosive, but in the body of Christ we have a much greater power than any man-made explosive. We have a life-changing power because of the love of Jesus. Have you experienced his love?